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Uncouth Behavior

Somebody once said that all the gold that is on the earth or below the earth is not enough in exchange for virtue. I believe in that, like most people do, though whether they do that practically as they do in theory is open to debate and discovery. I hate people who appear unseemly and unbecoming, especially in trivial matters that require the basic use of common sense. This is rampant in the university-where I currently belong-and I must admit that it has made me create enemies because of my stand. I hate enemies; I even don’t keep grudges. However, I am as ready as ever to defend virtue and principle, even if it means stepping on a few toes.

The most uncouth of character traits that I witness in campus at an alarming frequency has to be that to do with students’ sex lives. It is not unheard of for a guy who shares a room in campus with three other dudes to bring a lady over and have sex with her in the room when the other guys are in the same room, be it day or night. It is something that always lives my mouth aghast because I had never imagined-before I joined this eccentric institution that is the university-that a right thinking person could think of doing that, leave alone actually doing it.

As if it is any consolation, it is not only the students that are ‘secular’ who do that but also the cool, religious guys. A guy may spend almost his entire public life writing custom essays apart from going to church with the intention of fooling every gullible Tom, Dick and Harry but what he does in secret is pathetic. There are so many things that are rightly considered uncouth, but I will be the happiest of guys if my fellow campus mates worked on the aforementioned uncivilized, oafish disposition.

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Social Night-outs

One of the things that I look forward to in my university life is a social night-out, be it organized by my class or my church grouping. I like it more so if it comprises of few members; I honestly always suggest them-albeit subtly so that I don’t get a nickname for it-to the guys in charge of organizing them  because I always have fun whenever I go out with my friends for an entire night of merry and laughter. As though that is not all, I-actually ‘we’-always get a chance to mingle with the fairer gender for more than one reason.

I can’t really put a finger on what makes me love night outs, but my duty of writing custom essays for a custom essay writing Service Company could perhaps be part of the reason. I always get jaded by the end of the week (I go to class between eight in the morning and five in the evening then proceed to the company until nine p.m. for every weekday) and so a weekend night out provides a welcome distraction and a good way to ground myself, the good rest and fun notwithstanding. The template of the program employed by the church-centered and class-centered night out is obviously different but the fundamental target of both-bonding and fun-is ultimately achieved.

The truth of the matter is that not everything said at the night out is entirely true or a correct way of doing things but I am sure everybody who has had a chance to attend one will concur with me that it certainly helps one to unwind. The commonest lie is that to do with a person’s social life. I have observed that most students at the night out always present their relationship status as single but the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. I don’t know the reason behind that, but I know it is not going to die out anytime soon; long may night-outs live on.

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