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Parents Simply Don’t Get It

A kid, any kid, believes that his parents are the best parents in the world. He believes that his father is the strongest man alive and his mum is the best cook the world will ever see. There is never doubt about that in the mind of a child. However, as the kid grows older and is faced with stronger men than his dad or better cooks than his mum, the utmost respect and obedience he had as a child to his parents begins to diminish. Most of the time it is a slow, psychological change that is hardly noticed, but in some cases it is a deliberate choice on the part of the child. I would like to suggest that the notion a child has of his parents is the right one, and that to me explains why Jesus said that whoever wants to be great in his kingdom must be like a child.
Disobedience to parents begins with a child having notions that his parents are not always right, but to a young kid his parents are always right and thoughts of disobedience hardly cross their fragile, innocent minds. When the kids grow old enough and perhaps join university, two things occur in their minds depending on how they have been brought up. A youth in university who has been brought up well and whose parents never stepped in a university classroom for one reason or another will almost always continue respecting his parents. If the student was brought up badly, then it is during such times that the youths deem their parents irrelevant and disobedience becomes the norm.
A youth whose parents ever went to university will always have a certain attitude towards life and towards his parents from a young age depending again on how he was brought up. He may always lament that his parents don’t get it or respect them to a certain extent. Regardless of the career one has, be it a custom essay writer in the biggest custom essay writing service company in the universe or a street sweeper, the notion that parents simply don’t get it or are archaic is inconsequential and immaterial because parents have been there before and they know it all. They need to be respected.

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